Jan 28, 2016

Listen: 42 (FORTY DEUCE) - @YourOldDroog; A Niles P. Joint

Last week, I wrote about a song that captured the feeling of Old New York.  This week, I ran into a song that literally talks about NYC back in the day.  Your Old Droog of Coney Island blesses us with 42 (FORTY DEUCE.) The song relates tales of the 42nd Street of yesteryear.  Despite gentrification that rendered the city touristy, Droog still retains his grime and street cred.  He remembers the city for what it was and still thrives in how it is now.  Enhancing the old school/nostalgic vibe is a beat by Marco Polo (co-produced by YOD) that samples the 1986 classic I Can’t Wait by Nu Shooz.  Do yourself a favor and close your eyes and vibe out to this song.  You almost feel like you're on the Deuce amongst homeless people, stick up kids, prostitutes, hot dog vendors, and porno theaters.  It’s a version of NYC that I guess people probably shouldn’t miss but as I’ve said before, goddamn it had character.  Listen to 42 (FORTY DEUCE) after the break.


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