Jan 29, 2016

Listen: Park Avenue - @AgdaCoroner feat. @ActionBronson & @RocMarci; A Niles P. Joint

It’s oddly specific that this week saw two tough Brooklyn emcees release songs named after famous streets in NYC.  Both are dope, but this one carries a very different tone.  I first became aware of East New York’s AG Da Coroner from his memorable verse on an older Action Bronson mixtape.  Via his Instagram, he’s been promoting his debut album Sip The Nectar via hashtags and we finally have the first single.  Park Avenue is guitar driven (think 70s rock) and features the aforementioned Bronsolino and Roc Marciano as co stars.  The instrumental reminds me of a rock song that Martin Scorsese would use in one of his crime epics, specifically in a montage that includes people eating, counting money, and beating the shit out of someone for said money.  If they make a video for this song and none of those things happen, it’ll be a travesty.  It’s the hardest thing out in this young year.  Check it out after the break and be on the lookout for Sip The Nectar (along with a review from WTM) coming soon.


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