Jan 19, 2016

Listen: Good Lava - @EspeSpalding

Good Lava is the newest single from Esperanza Spalding's upcoming album Emily's D+ Evolution. The jazz sound is still there in the background of her music, but the rock and funk is becoming more and more evident. While her first single, One, had a similar electric feel, it has more consistency within the song than this one. In Good Lava it's as if the guitarist performed a solo as she sings her own solo over it. At first it seems discordant, but then as you listen to it more you realize it actually works pretty well.
The video is trippy. Like lava, it takes different shapes and makes different images. She has a kaleidoscope vision of different 1970's style patterns and surprisingly adding in some ancient statues that depict powerful female figures on an assembly line. Even though the video is at times confusing and makes you feel like you're on acid, you can't really take your eyes off of it. That's some good lava. Check out the video below.


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