Jan 18, 2016

Listen: Gun Boy Interlude - @RANREED feat. @BILLDANZEMOP & @FAMEMOP; A Niles P. Joint

You’re never supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, so the same goes with songs and single art. 

But eff it, the photograph used for Gun Boy Interlude perfectly correlates with the aura of the song. It takes you back to the griminess of pre-Giuliani NYC where a ride on the iron horse (decorated with graffiti) could result in getting robbed at gunpoint. That version of New York largely doesn’t exist anymore, but leave it to New Jersey veteran rapper/producer Ran Reed to bring back that feeling. This is menacing no-frills hip hop at it’s finest, filled to the brim with threats that seem anything but idle. Adding credibility to the old New York feeling is M.O.P. who tag team the second and third verse. The Brownsville duo of Fame and Bill Danze personify the gritty & hardcore elements of New York for which hordes of people wax nostalgic, almost inexplicably. While the Rotten Apple was dangerous back in the day, it had a character that was sanitized for the sake of the almighty dollar.  Ain’t nothing gentrified about this song though. Check out Gun Boy Interlude after the break.


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