Jan 18, 2016

Review: These Things Take Time by @ChazFrenchhh (Written by @Natural_Nation)

Am I the only one who hears J.Cole when they turn on Chaz French? When I say that, I mean their voices strike a resemblance to one another. I also draw a slight connection to J.Cole because Chaz French's sound sits freshly in between much of the hip-hop I've been hearing this past year. It seems to be divided into only two categories: Trap and the 90's with some artists sprinkled in between. But, maybe that's just me and as similar as their voices may sound, Chaz has a sound and feel of his own. A sound unique and interesting to hear from the DMV area. I am most certainly an instant fan.

These Things Take Time is a project that gives you a good snapshot of who Chaz is as an artist. Including features by Eddie Vanz, Saba, 368 Music Group artist Phil Ade , and Lito Walker Chaz brings us a follow up to Happy Belated. This album does tell a story, but not one with a beginning a middle and an end; just a piece. You can tell he's still introducing himself to his fans and it reads in the title itself. For someone's second piece of work, it's very telling to use a title like "These Things Take Time." Its a recognition of his blessings and an appreciation for the process, a humility and patience not seen in everyone. The first track the album opens with sounds like a voicemail from his mother warning him of tough times ahead. It opens up to a light beat filled with organs, probably reminiscent to his times he spent growing up in the church. Although the lyrics come from a place of struggle it's a great starting vibe. Below you can look at his video for Remember, track number two on the project.

It's clear that Chaz wanted to relay a story of hardship and perseverance. You can hear a bit of both in all 14 songs. Questions in particular is inspirational and self-reflecting. On this up-tempo track he touches on questions many of us get asked on a daily basis and questions that we probably ask ourselves when we're alone at night. But, it's all a part of the journey. We all get confused and we all fail.The ONLY important part is how we turn everything around, how hard and how swift the comeback is. Adding on his mother's voice, he ends the song with a message of support.

Ready, track number six, has a sound separate from all of the other 13 songs and features DMV rapper Goldlink. The beat has a smooth/ electric feel not found on the rest of the mixtape but it works...really well. Chaz's flow on this song is more melodic than anything else, which today is often referred to as sing rapping. I can see this is a staple in rap that doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon, which is fine with me. One of my all time favorite singing rappers being Slick Rick. Yes you guys, this did exist before Drake. Just throw on a track by Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyDon't Forget About Me leads directly from the song before 2 Good 2 Be True. His mother leaves the song echoing not to forget about her. Point blank period I love when male artists do songs about their mother. Whether its a verse, a bridge, or the whole song, it is always so telling of the artist themselves. And when the relationship is that of love, it is always great to hear it come through in their music.
The last song that I want to feature is track ten, called Songs For Us. It resonated with me immediately. It was easy to receive because that is the wave I am currently on, we were simply vibrating at the same frequency. The message that I took from the song was to to focus on yourself and get yourself right. There is no need to worry about anybody else. Once you have yourself in order everything else is so much more simple to navigate and that goes for people, places, and things.  

 The album closes with We Made It. It's a tribute to his journey, childhood, his children, his family, losing a loved one, being homeless, partying and drinking (this is not to be confused with the We Made It freestyle that came out last year.) These Things Take Time delivered in both production and lyrical content. Its clear that Chaz French is one of those artists who do not define themselves by any one sound or genre. He does what feels right in the moment and that comes through in his music. I don't want to give too much of the details away because I really want everyone to listen. But, make sure to check out the music video for  Remember and if you want to listen to some other dope artists from the DMV area you can check out the independent label founded by Raheem Devaughn and Andre Hopson 368 Music Group. Much peach and love. 

Rating 4.5 out of 5


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