Jan 12, 2016

Listen: Real Friends/ No More Parties In LA - @KanyeWest featuring @KendrickLamar, @tydollasign (prod by @madlib)

Last night I was finally able to listen to Kanye West's new track, Real Friends featuring Ty Dolla $ign. This also included a snippet of another song titled No More Parties in LA featuring Kendrick Lamar (prod by Madlib) added on to the end of the track.

Now, I've never known Kanye to be the type to lackadaisically drop music on the internet...he's always been more of the elaborate type. But, from all the things I was hearing and reading there seemed to be a common theme. "Kanye is Back." My first thought of course was..."where did he go?" The man has been coasting at the top of the game ever since his rise to kingdom with College Dropout. Now of course I'm not stupid. I know that what people mean to say is that his original sound is back. However I think the original blanket statement is to deny Kanye of all of his progress. It does not acknowledge the other parts of him and his music. Like, ANY of us are only one way or have only one side. How great can an artist really be if they do not experiment and change?
(Artwork from Goodmorning music video)

All that being said this IS a return to the sound of his earlier work. Immediately I picked up on the similarity to Good Morning, the very first track on his third studio album Graduation. Kanye fans who have been around from the beginning will be happy to hear a familiar sound. The content was annoyingly relatable. Not just because I suck at communication but because many of us are getting to a place where time is becoming scarce. Even for those that we care about. The snippet at the end No More Parties In LA sounds promising with a feature by Kendrick and a sample from Ghostface Killah's Mighty Healthy. Honestly I think real recognizes real and Kendrick's latest album is going to have a few artists going back to their roots. Overall let's just say who ever ends up wining the PowerBall in the next week may be blasting Real Friends a little sooner than they'd like too. Take a listen.


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