Jan 12, 2016


SIIMBA returns.

As his Twitter bio states he's a fire breathing, lion tamer that just so happens to rap. We've heard him on a song with Angelo Mota titled Alive off his Crystal Ave project. He keeps a mysterious aura about him, dressed in all white when you catch him at a show or festival.

His song W.I.A. is the second song from his series Zemenays Gemiinii, the first being the name of her alter ego, Cocaine Bimbie. It is reminiscent of the classic New York boom bap genre, but varies with engaging sounds unlike anything I’ve heard. The drums certainly supply the essence in this song, coupled with his almost beat boxer flow. When you listen, you can hear how effortlessly the words come to him and provide us with intriguing rhythms. He talks about knowing oneself and gives a perspective to being free to be whomever you want to be. With two different cultural backgrounds of Brooklyn and Ethiopia, the blend gives way to an intriguing voice by a soon to be recognized artist. Check W.I.A. after the break


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