Jan 13, 2016

Review: Nothin Personal by @Cody_Macc

Cody Mack aka Cozz has just dropped his first album with Dreamville records. The south central native was signed with J.Cole’s label  two years ago. While it has been a slow rise for him, he is not stopping any time soon. Here's my review of Nothing Personal:

Wake Up Call: Macc definitely wakes everyone up on this one. It’s a pretty aggressive start to introduce his whole album. I guess its so we know what to expect.

All Eyez on Me:  “look at me now”. He talks about the things he has accomplished at the tender age of 20. but it didn't come easy. 

My Side (prod Meez & D2): One of the shortest tracks on the album, and it includes a couple of refrains too. So not much flow, but there  is a good beat.

Grey Goose: This is a slower track.  Filled with random declarations.I guess that what happens when you have too much grey goose. 

City of God (featuring Boogie): “I did my job now I’m living bigger”, trying to make it to something that  feels like heaven.

Choice Today: Hey reflects on the choices that he made. some were good, some were bad. But all of them were choices that lead him to where he is now.

Grow (featuring Correy C):  “I’m tryna fight a pain that I can’t endure”. this track is a good follow up on the previous one. As he talks about how he isn't where he use to be, but he isn't where he wants to be yet.

Who Said: This one has a heavier  in-your-face-beat. This is more of a club banger than anything else.

Tabs: To be honest, this one is not my favorite.  The song revolves around the girls that come with the money. Sure no one wants a gold digger but your going to “leave her ass in the parking lot”, really? This song was actually on Revenge of the Dreamers II as well. Not sure why it's on his solo project and the Dreamville collaboration album.

Tell Me: This one follows the theme of women again, but  not another gold digger. one woman in particular, that he wants all to himself. 

GWBW: Good weed, back woods.  Slower rhythm with a little bit of a 90’s feel too, something for you to groove to.

Bonnie and Clyde (featuring FreeAckrite): Is she a ride or die?  Don’t let the title fool you, This isn't  a romantic track like Beyonce’s version. This is more of interrogation and test for the girl rather then a reminder that they are in this together.

Guiness (prod. Metz + Mike Almighty): “Every day I live my life like its holiday." I’m not sure why he calls it Guiness. He only says that about twice in the song. He declares war on the current rap culture, saying that he is going to take it over.

While this album isn't my favorite, That doesn’t mean everything here is bad. There are some real bars in some of the songs like  choice today and grow. Honestly to me he’s young, so he has time to have experiences harness that into real soul loving hip-hop. I don’t see that in this album, but I do see the potential for it.

Rating 2.8 out of 5

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