Jan 14, 2016

Listen: Big Shadows - @Omen

I most definitely dropped the ball by missing Elephant Eyes, Omen's debut album in July 2015.

After listening to Revenge of the Dreamers II, I most definitely had to take the trip back in time to Omen's project. J. Cole does a great job of not stepping on toes and providing the platform for his artists to shine on their own. Omen has been in the picture for a long time dating back to The Come Up days and earlier than that. However, he doesn't wanna be seen as Cole's protege. He scripts that tale in his song, Big Shadows. "Remember Spliff Star? remember Memphis Bleek? remember all them side kicks that ain't what's meant for me" Listen to Omen shine on his own below. You can expect a review of Elephant Eyes in the near future.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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