Feb 2, 2016

Editor's Picks Week of 1-31-16

Hard to believe we are already into February. I can already tell this year is going to be swift, maybe even faster than last year. Anyways it's Black History month and I've been in that kind of mood thusfar this week. Salute to Carter G Woodson by the way. Here's my picks.

Album of the Week: WTT - Kanye West & Jay-Z

In anticipation of the next Kanye West album I spent a lot of my time listening to his old stuff. You can't ever go wrong with listening to Mr. West's catalog (well you can if we talkin' Yeezus). Otherwise I went back to The Throne's Murder to Excellence. Jigga is the one who ate this one "I arrived on the day Fred Hampton Died real n*ggas they multiply." There's a reason this was AOTY 2011. Anyways listen below.

Throwback Jawn: Fight the Power - Public Enemy

In honor of the month celebrating our own people there's no way I could even begin this list without listening to this track a few times. Public Enemy completely killed Fear of a Black Planet and this one really stood out word to Radio Raheem. I was surprised Kafele didn't put this in his Pain & Perseverance mix a few months back. Feel this.

Song on Repeat: Get Your Link On - Goldlink

Goldlink really has a thing for Missy Elliot and her feel good party music. Thus the sample in Get Your Link on from his Fuck the Internet EP. Goldlink collabs with Royal this time instead of Louie Lastic. No missteps. Awesome song.

Underground: Bodega - SheReal

I was blessed to meet this young new spitter from Harlem a couple days ago at a show in Newark. Lefty opened up by saying she was rated "One of the best female emcees in the world." That's one hell of a quote. She grabbed the microphone and proved him right. You'll be hearing more from her very soon but until then listen to SheReal below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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