Feb 15, 2016

#ICYMIMonday: Happy Birthday - @JoynerLucas {Written by @Natural_Nation}

Joyner Lucas, Massachusetts rapper, released Happy Birthday almost two months ago; a music video that has recently been collecting steam on social media. For the past couple of weeks now I have seen the video making its way around Facebook. In the video the rapper is seen yelling at a child about his reservations on being a father. Well, that puts it nicely.
"You really make me sick my nigga if you only knew/ I swear to God I wish you wasn't born and it wasn't no excuse/ Cause I don't want to raise you/ I really fucking hate you/ I wish I ain't have to take you/ I ain't trying to educate you-" 
Lucas is more than torn being stuck in a situation where the woman he loved cheated on him with another man. She ended up getting pregnant and Joyner eventually finds out that the child is not his. Lucas goes on throughout the song expressing his contempt for his "son" but in the end of the video get down on the floor to hold him. Maybe, with the realization that it is not actually the child's fault. Fans seemed to be shocked by the video but extremely receptive. In my opinion this is the perfect example of how honesty, no matter how brutal, translates. There also seemed to be an overwhelming number of references to Eminem. Possibly in relation to his flow but more than likely in resemblance to the deep seeded anger often heard in Eminem's music. Either way the video is a conversation starter and a must watch for those who haven't seen it. Enjoy.

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