Mar 1, 2016

#TGMInvadesNY Recap - @ThaGreyMatter: An experience by @RamseySaidWHAT

"When I talk it's through my art and that's to my peers. Because that Kärma can turn into a Crysis like a scene outta Shakespeare, damn this black art boutta take over the whole damn atmosphere!"

Until going to one of Tha Grey Matter's shows, I'd never seen actors, poets, rappers, and singers all in the same venue. The aforementioned line was courtesy of Lionel Macauley via his spoken word piece delivered right after he performed a few monologues. 

So I was ordered to review TGMInvadesNYC and give a recap of that incredible experience, because that's exactly what it was, incredible. I realized that frankly you had to be in the building or you missed out. Forgive me now if I struggle to put such an awesome event into words. Such an eclectic group of people were gathered to see such a diverse group of artists showcasing their work. We were all gathered into one of the biggest poetry venues in the city, the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe. I was wowed when the news of this venue hit the public. If you don't know, Nuyoricans is a big deal. Some of the greatest acts around the way have performed there.

The show kicked off with poetry from Vancito and Tevin Reese. Dyce followed up with some vocals of her own as she dazzled the crowd singing smooth R&B. I always tell myself "when throwing a party eliminate chairs from the equation." That way when people are already standing they are more likely to be dancing. Before I could formulate that thought Alvie Skywalker solicits the crowd to stand up and move closer to the stage. His upbeat and outgoing spirit really kicked things off for the event. Backed by Darryl J and Karma (whom you'll hear more about) he performed a few of his tracks and put on a great set. Uncle Trey, & Kvaun followed up with a dope rapping set of their own.

"Finally we have it! A conscious rapper that can entertain a crowd on a trap beat." That's what Issah said about Shawn Cyrsis when we first saw him at TGM relaunch event. He completely tore down the stage as did Karma for her set. She performed Don't Forget Me & some new music with her frequent collaborator in SOULFULL. They previewed a track off their new project, I-95 & Wifi which we can expect soon. This set the stage for Soulfull. We know how crazy SayYes came to be on MTAG. As Soulfull says "she's a great talent and the chemistry between us is electric." Everyone noticed even the Host who asked "Is that bae?" Let's just say she isn't the only one questioning that. You can expect that answer when we release our interview with the Franklin emcee soon. Franklin and family always come out and put on an incredible set whenever Soulfull performs. The 732 is prevalent, young and old. Even the grown folks know all the words to his songs and I think that's incredible. Keyvauna Leshea finishes up the show performing Luv Groove and the vibes throughout filled the Lower East Side atmosphere.

At the end of the show New Jersey really took over our northern neighbors and their city. This was great for the culture and our art scene even across the bridges and tunnels. The vibes and atmosphere was electric and I'm still floating off a high of the dope weekend. I say it year in and out, New Jersey is something to be reckoned with and platforms like Tha Grey Matter ensures there will always be a place for us to shine. 
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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