Aug 17, 2016

Watch: Just - @BrownsvilleKa; A Niles P. Joint

With music videos, sometimes the animated ones can convey feelings better than the true life counterparts.  You can do nearly anything with animation and explain yourself more precisely whereas you might be more grounded in a real world video (both by budget and locale).  Brownsville rapper/producer Ka decided to go the cartoon route for the video for Just.  Viewer beware though, this one isn’t for kids.  Made in black and white, it’s perfect for the stark reality raps in the song.  Ka’s flow is monotone and measured and still commands your attention, especially with lines like “To get what we need, we did what we must.”  I won’t spoil the story in the video, you can check out the Kyle Samuels-directed clip below.  Then, head over to iTunes and pick up Ka’s new album Honor Killed the Samurai right here.


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