May 25, 2017

Listen: Blue (Interlude) - @Elhae

Maybe it's just me but I enjoy Interludes and skits on projects. They really add depth and content to an album or EP. Blue Interlude by Elhae is on my long list of those songs I wish were longer. I have an entire playlist on Apple Music titled just that.

Blue provides the meat on the Aura II sandwich. This is his first project in a year. Elhae is one of those crazy underrated sub-R&B acts from Atlanta. I did a short feature on him last year when All Have Fallen released. I often describe Elhae in reference to other artists in this subgenre. I feel like if you like Bryson Tiller you'll like Elhae and maybe more. Opinionated but I think he's better at songwriting, lyrical flow, and vocals on a singing tip where Tiller is a masterful when it comes to beat selection. Don't believe me, just press play.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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