Oct 3, 2017

Watch: HER Parts 1 & 2 - @KotaTheFriend

You know some days you get lucky. I can sift through a bunch of submission emails trying to find a gem though the sleeze or worse, your dms & mentions. Twitter is a helluva place I'm telling you.
I knew I'd initially regret hitting send for the sheer about of volume I'd receive. A few local rappers that all sound like artists from a specific region I won't mention. A couple rappers actually from that region rapping over already famous beats with the original artist on the hook and they call it a "feature." Then a recommendation from an artist PR that used to work with village voice comes in with a emcee from Brooklyn. KOTA The Friend is his name. Without much else to go on, I reluctantly press play to HER part 2. It's a single verse that is the sequel to a concept series of the same name. This is a perfect introduction to a new artist and it's safe to say KOTA will be on WTM radar for a long time after this. I have more research to do now. Let's not waste any time. I need you guys to press play and be just as impressed as me. If my math is right, part three should be on the way soon.