Feb 16, 2018

Black Panther Soundtrack Review written by @Best_ofda_Worst

What's up family! I am so excited for this new Black Panther movie to finally premiere. Not only is Black Panther a dope superhero, but he means so much to my little brothers out there who don’t see much of themselves in fiction. After all, representation is important. At long last, they have someone to pretend to be. They can use his ideals of courage, bravery, and honor (you know all that good stuff) to be heroes themselves, or at least have fun. They can image being someone cool or for Halloween.

I already plan on seeing this movie this entire weekend from Friday to Sunday. Had I been alive for the premiere of Coming to America, I would have done the same. I know this movie is going to be great but I'm not here to talk about my movie expectations when we already have the album. To be honest, from start to finish this is the bomb. For whatever reason this soundtrack sounds better when you listen to it for the first time.

For instance, I wanted to skip the first two songs. At first listen the self-titled track was just okay to me. All the Stars with SZA and Kendrick Lamar  was the lead single before the album released. At this point I wasn’t impressed. Sidebar the video is amazing (Go ahead and check it out. Your melanin will thank you for it). From here, we go to X. It was at this point is where the project turns up.

The Ways isn’t my favorite song on the album. After a couple listens I usually skip it. This time I  gave it another listen and it's not bad. It grew on me but still not something to run home about. Maybe after I see the movie, I'll appreciate this song more. Otherwise, it's meh song on an otherwise great album. The rest of the movie soundtrack is  🔥🔥🔥. My favorite songs are Paramedic! and Seasons but that can easily switch up to Bloody Waters or King’s Dead. Speaking of King’s Dead, you know the song with Kendrick, Jay Rock, and Future? I think Future out rapped Jay Rock….Hear me out.

I'm not one of those hip-hop purists. You know the ones who think that every song needs to be super lyrical or all have that same boom bap percussion. I prefer my music to be fun. This song in particular is not one of those tracks where we focus on the lyrics because honestly listening to the song you will get lost in the beat and the hook. Back to why I think Jay Rock was out rapped by a “mumble rapper.” Recently BET started doing this thing where the have different rappers read lyrics and not list the name or artist who wrote it. And on a scale of 1-5, they have to rate the lyrics. If they read Jay-Rock’s if you read Jay-Rock’s lyrics what would you give it?

I've been ready, my whip been ready
My b*tch been ready, my clique been ready
My sh*t's been ready, my check's been ready
My shot's on full, that's Armageddon
I got pull, I hope y'all ready

With that being said, King’s Dead is one of the best on this album. Jay Rock’s verse is the most mediocre and yet is still dope. This fact proves to me that nowadays, lyrics aren’t everything in a rap track anymore. It is possible to make an amazing song and not really say anything. Keep that in mind someone disses a so-called mumble rapper. Especially if that rapper is making classic music. Shoutouts to the genius behind the song Freak Hoes and March Madness.

Long story short, this is an amazing album. With the exception of one song that's okay, I love all of the tracks. My only wish is that there were more AfroBeat songs. I mean this movie is about an African Nation, why not have African music? Seasons does have Sjava singing in Zulu, but I feel like there should be more. All in all, I give this album an 8.5 of 9. This album is dope. Go ahead and give it a listen @ me if you want to debate me. That comment section below is just for you too.

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