Feb 14, 2018

Ladies Appreciation: A Mix by @DJEssential718 (words by @jephtoda)

 If no one is gonna say it I guess I will. There is absolutely no better feeling in the world than the warm touch of a beautiful woman that you care about (sometimes you don't gotta care but that's a totally different story). 

This Valentines Day men (and some woman) from all over will be fortunate enough to enjoy this blessing. Flowers, candy, candles fancy dinners will be enjoyed by many on this most romantic of occasions. Sounds great and all but trust me when I tell you the mood cannot be properly set without the right music. Now I know most of ya'll love Future, Migos, 6ix9ine and a lot of them trap niggas but that sh*t is not gonna cut it, not today. DJ Essential brings you the smoothest of R&B in his latest mix, Ladies Appreciation. Effortlessly he mixes the sounds of today (Ty Dolla $ign, Torey Lanez, 6lack etc) with classic loves songs from yesteryear (i.e. New Edition- Can You Stand the Rain, Jodeci- Freakin You) Sure to have your girl scream "YO THIS MY SHIT" and "AWWWWW I LOVE THIS SONG." Celebrate the right way, and quite frankly have your girl ready to go. Be safe and remember, if any children are conceived during the listen of this mix we are not liable to any child support payments. Happy Valentines Day!


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