Feb 12, 2018

Nine Jersey Musicians You Need to Know in 2018

We're a little more than a month into the year. I know how you guys get with lists. If you feel you or an artist you know should have made the list, prove me wrong this year. Or just @ me on twitter I can take the heat. Some of the acts on this list are really well kept secrets. The others, you already know about. Either way these guys and gals are due for a huge 2018.

Ty Jackson - The New Jeru Native has been quiet as of late. In fact Ty hasn't dropped a project since 2016 with his collab with SoULFULL on Boulevard Blues. I know first hand he's been working. When I covered Motion a month back I mentioned another unreleased track that should stir some pots. Coffee in the Morning is the name and I'm sure it'll be coupled with some more heat. Just wait for it.

Joe College - You're not living under a rock right? CivXSav Forever dropped and the reception has been bananas. The whole crew is clicking on all cylinders right now! In fact he sold out House of Independents in Asbury last week. You read correctly, SOLD OUT! No easy task to fill up a 500+ venue for an independent Jersey act of any genre. We got to talk to Rodney from Garden State Hip Hop in tomorrow's podcast episode about the event. I even chopped it up with College the day of the album release. Check that out here.

David Michael Jonze - Dave Made Time. No really, that's even the name of his forthcoming project. Let's just say a birdie gives me the inside scoop. Dude is probably one of the most hardworking cats out here and hasn't ever rapped over a song he didn't personally produce. Take a second to grasp that. I just caught his performance at The Showcase Tour and he has a new single, Shea Butter on the way. You'll have to wait til later on this season of the podcast for that rest. Just know, the wait will definitely be worth it.

Shaqeyah- Unfortunately I've only gotten to cover the South Jersey songstress just once. What I do know about her is she's a hell of a talent. Solar System produced by Kenif Muse dropped in November. Enough of a gap that you could probably expect more material soon. If you're a fan of these new eerie subgenres of R&B I think you'll like her. I intend of covering her stuff more and maybe even getting her down to the lab soon. She just dropped a new track, Classic Love last week. Check it out below.

Macc McCray - Thanks for Nothing is out! I'm really intrigued by Macc's music. There's some buzz surrounding the West Orange artist. He's probably produced some stuff for artists you like too. Dude has a plethora of vibes and sounds he can catch you with from hip hop to R&B. Between this album and whatever else he cooks up, Macc McCray will have a breakout year.

MostDope - Simply put, I think he's next up out of the 732. Thus far in his discography, MostDope hasn't missed. P.O.M.E., Feb 14th, and Pressure have all be easy on the ears. I'd be silly not to include him on this list. He's one or two moves away from going next level, and the same goes for the rest of the A1 crew. Quote me if you like.

Khalil Jibran - Remember what I said a few months back: "Khalil Jibran is by far in my opinion the
best live performing emcee in Jersey right now." Time went on and I still stand by it. His energy is crazy. If you go to a show and see him on the bill there is no way you fools can keep your arms folded. Some talent just can't be denied. F*ck 12 has won awards, and he's started his own record label. Keep a lookout on A-Side B-Side for our interview with the Newark upstart.

Party Michael - Badside off NVR WRY is one of the best kept secrets of 2017. I even put it in the Sub-R&B playlist. I had the luxury of interviewing him on Non Fiction Radio and doing a live review on FB and Twitter live with him at The Lab at WTM. Let me say this. Party is brilliant. As a producer he is above average. As a vocalist I'll let you make your own opinion especially considering he knows mine. Oh did I mention he did features on Macc McCray & Joe College's projects. He also opened up the Joe College and Friends Sold Out show. How do you get so much done without dropping any music of his own this year? I feel it coming, 2018 is going to be special for Party, just watch.

Samad Savage - Things have been fairly quiet for the Montclair emcee recently. Enough to make me ask, Where's Samad Savage? Quiet as it's kept I imagine he's in the studio working or already done with a project. Last time I caught him was opening last summer at Starland for PNB Rock and being interviewed on the show right after Pass the Aux this summer at Nonfiction Radio. His soundcloud boasts a couple remixes and covers as well as OMG a few months back. Must mean a project is on the way. It is only February right?
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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