Jul 30, 2018

Watch: Sundress Season - @TennStacks

I'd like to tell a story. The day was May 3rd 2010. I was a freshman in college a couple weeks before finals. Not much homework or exams to study for. I was a journalism major so I just had final papers for the most part. My semester was over. The weather finally broke, they turned on the air conditioner in the dorms and everyone filled into common hour in the plaza at William Paterson University. There was a mini festival happening. A couple on campus performers and DJs laced the stage. Along the sidewalks were popcorn, carnival games and all the funnel cake and cotton candy you could eat. From 12-2 I saw the spectacle that is my first ever sundress season. Take that story and imagine a kid from Harlem New York touches base on campus at the Mecca, H-U (I'm supposed to say "You Know!" right?).

I think that is the inspiration behind the video to this track, Sundress Season. This track comes off the second installment of Tenn Stacks project, American Grustle. If it's anything like the first, American Grustle II: Nothing to Loose brings a gritty NY sound with inspirational grind and hustle bars to match. However Sundress Season is a brighter song and video. Whatever you think summer sounds like, imagine this video. I'm also diggin' this location by the GW. Press play and check out the new Tenn Stacks after the break.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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