Oct 8, 2019

Album Review: P2 - @Malc_____ (words by Brya Edwards)

Being a Jersey native myself, I know Jersey does not drop the ball when it comes to raw talent. And the 25- year old rapper, Malc proves just that. Originally from Bayonne NJ, Malc is emerging through the hip-hop scene. He is also putting William Paterson on the map, being that he is an alumnus. His aspirations and goals are indeed larger than life, and he is not letting anything get in his way.

So far, Malc has performed at well-known venues such as SOB’s and The Delancey, proving that his talent is nothing to play with. Just recently, Malc dropped a project entitled ​Progression 2. ​The project is composed of seven songs that are all heavily inspired by family, work, and Malc‘s everyday life and struggles. The lyricist spits fire over some classic 90s inspired beats. He also pays homage to the OG’s of rap like Nas and HOV.

Each song takes you on a journey. Starting with the song entitled, ​All In,​ he discusses why he does what he does. Malc explains how his music is way more than clout purposes, it is about touching people and lives. He even touches on the over saturation of rap, and the fact that everyone wants to be a rapper these days. With Malc, the music is not just a phase for him. He said as much a couple tracks ago. Malc wants to be an inspiration for old and young generations. I found it super dope that some of the songs on the project featured samples from classic late 80’s and 90’s music. For example, in the song entitled ​Stressing (feat Twice), ​he samples “Show Me” by Glen Jones. The song also showcases Malc’s resonating cadence and “floetry.”

He ends the project with a song entitled, Break Thru. A song we all can relate to about personal growth and the grind. Here's one of my favorite quotes from the song:

“I’d rather have enemies than friends because the ones that really hurt you be the closest to you.”

Meaning, sometimes your day ones have been hating since day one, and I know most people can relate.

What I enjoyed most about this project is that Malc’s lyrics are soulfully enriched. They really make you think. Even his name in itself has a meaning. It stands for Motivation Always Lives Create. Malc’s wordplay and ability to convey his story through his lyricism is truly inspiring to see. Overall, a great listen and great music. This is an impressive project and doesn't take all day to get through as it's 22 minutes. Seven tracks leaves us wanting for more but for now, check out P2 below after the break and it's available on all streaming platforms.

Brya Edwards
Brya Edwards

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