Oct 8, 2019

A Side B Side Podcast: Episode 024 - Drew The Recluse Interview

Today's episode of A-Side B-Side Podcast features an exclusive interview with Drew The Recluse.

shot by: @madskillzmorgan
Along with RamseySaidWHAT, they talk about his latest release, Suburbia EP and much more. Drew freestyles a gospel rendition of Jodeci, Strip club bops with character, being pro choice, the electoral college and how his take on the Asbury Music Scene draws an analogy with the Civil Rights Movement. He issues a challenge to women in the indie music scene and discusses the pushback he faces creating a platform for hip hop artists in Asbury Park while battling the diaspora of the Black Experience.

Sidebar: Beef is not supposed to be made well done. I'm just saying.

The Music in this episode is Everytime by Drew the Recluse featuring Solo Dolor.

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A-Side B-Side Podcast
A-Side B-Side Podcast

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