Apr 27, 2021

#ASideBSidePodcast Episode 215 - Know Your Number (w/Ben Carter & DJ the Money Coach)

You miss us? We missed you.

Just because it's been a while, the new episode of A Side B Side Podcast is a long one by our standards. RamseySaidWHAT sits down with DJ the Money Coach (from 7 Spheres of Money) and Ben Carter Co-Owner/VP/Director of Sales of Talero Tequila. The trio talk about finance, programming, and flourishing financially in the middle of a panny, I mean pandemic. They also talked about the spirits industry, distribution, and what it really means to be an entrepreneur that pays (or doesn't pay) themselves. Check out the full interview below on Youtube and Audiomack.

The music in this episode is Hallelujah by Shawn Crysis.

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A-Side B-Side Podcast
A-Side B-Side Podcast

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