Oct 12, 2022

#ASideBSidePodcast Episode 304 - The Return of @_TheRealKarma w/@RamseySaidWHAT

Episode 304 features an exclusive interview with Jersey songstress, Kärma. 

Her latest album Faint of Hart is out now everywhere albums can be streamed or purchased. Together with Ramsey they talk about her releasing an LP vs. an EP as well as her recording process as a singer and engineer. The duo also break down what we can expect from her music moving forward. If you're not familiar with her check out her first interview on episode 3 of the podcast in addition to the review of her 2020 EP, Three.

The Music in this episode is F.P.B.C (Chillen) by Kärma.

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A-Side B-Side Podcast
A-Side B-Side Podcast

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