Sep 26, 2014

#IME 9/21 - Ramsey

In My Ears: Week of September 21st, 2014

This week has been spent writing and shooting a lot of different stuff. I haven't really spent the time listening to new music except for what's been submitted to me. Well that and these few things that stood out in my earphones this week. Check it out below.

Albums of the Week: Hall of Fame by Big Sean & PARTYNEXTDOOR2 - PARTYNEXTDOOR

It's safe to say Hall of Fame went fairly unnoticed in the hip-hop scene except for the week it dropped. It's really an underrated album. We just spent our time listening to a lot of other dope much last year. Sit and listen to Ashley featuring Miguel, Fire, 10 2 10, Switch Up featuring Common, and of course beware with Jhene Aiko and Lil Wayne. Do it now before you listen to Drake or Hova again.

Most people's complaint about this album is it sounds like one giant song put together. I spent a lot of time in my car, coming back from the bar or a shoot this week. When you're a little turnt (I in no way condone drunk driving so I had a designated driver I promise), this album is pure crack. I revisited it once the Wale remix to Thirsty dropped last week. Go head, grab a beer, a glass of vino and turn the bass on your subwoofer up.

Song on Repeat: Sixteen by Rick Ross featuring Andre 3000

People tend not understand Three stacks when he gets to babbling. Truth is, he's not. he's always telling a story but I guess people take it for a grain of salt. Kinda like that great uncle you have that's always a little too turnt at the family barbecue and when he get finished his two step he reminisce about the good ole days. Oh, and Rick Ross spit fire too. 16 bars, it could never be enough.   
Throwback Jawn: Black N Gold by Wale

This song, is straight fuego (spanish for fire) to the ears. I could never get enough of this time. In fact I'm listening to it as I type. There'll be More About Nothing (that's a play on words, just peep WTM tonight) later on today around 8 PM. Stay tuned.
Indie Track: thefeelin by Sir Moore

Rounding out what I've been listening to this week is Sir Moore. His second project dropped last week and it's definitely been on repeat. thefeelin samples the classic Sexual Healing, and everyone needs a little Marvin Gaye. Great production, tight lyrics equals great song. Want my full opinion on this, read WTM review of summerDAZE.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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