Feb 12, 2015

#TBT @ChancetheRapper's Acid Rap Review by @AQueens_crown

What's the Movement is making expansions and changes in 2015. This year I've been assigned to kick off the brand new Throwback Thursday Write Ups. Every week the writer's will touch base on an old project that hasn't yet been reviewed on the site.

With the anticipation of Chance The Rapper's debut album Surf on the horizon. I thought it would be dope to take a look at his past mixtape Acid Rap. When it first came out I would see it everywhere but never listen. Thankful a friend got in my ear and I listened. Afterwards, I was so upset with myself that it took me forever to listen to him. Here's my track by track synopsis:

1.              Good Ass Intro  (featuring BJ the Chicago Kid

Chance returns from his tour and his last mixtape to announce that he "Even better then I was the last time." Nuff Said.

2.              Pusha Man/Paranoia (featuring Lili K & Nate Fox)    

Here Chance The Rapper references his previous tape 10 Day. "Ten damn days and all I got to show for it is shoes and shows and chauffeurs with road rage," and the change that has come from it. Telling a story of drug life. The second part of the song Paranoia is a song I know that many people connect to. It deals with the violence that goes on in Chicago and how it is ignored by the media. Fun Fact: I didn't know Paranoia existed until I watched the video. Every time I listened to Pusha Man afterwards I would skip to the next song thinking the long pause after meant something was wrong with my iPod.

3.              Cocoa Butter Kisses (featuring Vic Mensa & Twista)

Chance enlists the help of Vic Mensa and Twista to tell mama, grandma that he misses them. Of course, they don't approve of his drug use. So he tries to hide it from them because he wants to go back to the days before he transitioned into a man.

4.              Juice     

If you haven't seen the movie Juice (what's wrong with you) you may not get the 90s movie reference. Here Chance is tell everyone that he knows who good he is.  The chorus repeats " Juice, Juice I got the juice ." Meaning he is feeling on top of the world right now. 

5.              Lost (featuring Noname Gypsy)     

One of my favorite tracks on the mixtape. With the wonderful Noname Gypsy featured on it giving it a feminine touch. A lovely balled of the relationship of a druggie and his drugs.

6.              Everybody's Something (featuring Saba & BJ the Chicago Kid)

An inspirational song telling people not to doubt themselves. You can watch the video below.

7.              Interlude (That's Love)

The interlude of the mixtape. Pretty self explanatory.

8.              Favorite Song (featuring Childish Gambino)

Yes, it is always a favorite when Chance and Gambino link up on a song. Both artist spitting clever lines over a dope beat, and have fun doing it.

9.              NaNa (featuring Action Bronson)

"Give me a Kit-Kat, Don't break me off shit". A playful song, featuring Action Bronson.

10.          Smoke Again (featuring Ab-Soul)

11.          Acid Rain        

Chance slows down and raps about his past life, friends, and the his overall view of the world.

12.          Chain Smoker       

Best song to groove to! He is a "Still a chain smoking, name dropping ,good looking, muh' fucking motha, shut your mouth "but he hopes you love him for it.

13.          Everything's Good (Good Ass Outro)   

The outro is Chance talking to his dad thanking him for all the support and his father telling him how proud of him, he is.

Chance is said to have a Surf to come out soon. If you're as impatient as I am, he has released some great songs on his soundcloud.     

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