Mar 18, 2015

Preview @Wale's The Album About Nothing #TAAN by @simONE_OFMYKIND

Wale has been on a rollercoaster with his sound during the past couple of years. As a big fan of his music I have to say at times he has let me down, to the point where I wouldn’t even get excited about him releasing something new. However this is not the case with his upcoming album. This will be Wale’s fourth album. The title alone has me extremely excited for this project, The Album About Nothing. Sound familiar? In the trailer for this album Wale acknowledges how often his fans have said they wanted the old Wale back, so he promises to revive him on The Album About Nothing. Also mentioning that he wants to get back to the basics and back to what he knows for this project. So hopefully the pre-MMG Wale will be alive and well on this album. It may be wishful thinking but in my opinion Wale is foreshadowing that there will be vibes, sounds, and content similar to his early mixtapes (Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing)

The forthcoming album will include 14 songs and features from artists such as SZA,Usher, Jeremih, J.Cole, and Jerry Seinfield . The classic show about nothing, Seinfield has heavily influenced Wale and his music. As most of us are familiar with, there was a lot dialogue from the show used on the tracks from More About Nothing and Mixtape  About Nothing. We will hear this on The Album About Nothing, as well as commentary and narration from Jerry Seinfield.

Thusfar, three songs have been released. One of the previously released songs Girls on Drugs was on the 2014 mixtape Festivus. The Janet Jackson hit Go Deep is sampled on this track and while it gives it a more enjoyable sound Wale discusses something more serious, girls dealing with mental and emotional problems that turn to drugs and alcohol as the solution. The two singles right off the album are The Body ft Jeremih and The Matrimony ft Usher. Wale gets very personal on The Matrimony, rapping about the conflicts of trying to be in a relationship and living the life of a celebrity,also he speaks on traumatic events from a past relationship.

One of the reasons Wale is good is because of his ability to be so open and honest in his songs. Some of that seemed long lost but Wale speaks about TAAN serving as a journal for him allowing his longtime fans to reconnect with him. I don’t know how many people are with me on this, but I have a feeling this album is going to do great and leave us with plenty of good things to say about it. I’m sure a lot of you are just as eager to hear Album About Nothing as I am, the album will drop later this month on March 31st. See the tracklist below and if you haven’t yet listen to the singles.

The Album About Nothing tracklist:

1. The Intro About Nothing
2.     The Helium Balloon
3.     The White Shoes
4.     The Pessimist (featuring J.Cole)
5.     The Middle Finger
6.     The One Time In Houston
7.     The Girls On Drugs
8.     The God Smile
9.     The Need To Know (featuring SZA)
10. The Success
11. The Glass Egg
12. The Bloom
13. The Matrimony (featuring Usher)
14. The Body (featuring Jeremih)

Below you can watch the video to The Body with Jeremih and stream The Matrimony featuring Usher.


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