Sep 28, 2015

Listen: 4 New Jersey - @JoeCollege010 (prod. by @QdottDavis)

Joe College is back at it. This time seems to be a homecoming rap anthem for New Jersey.

QdottDavis samples the old DJ Jayhood club jam, Heartbroken. I even like the sound bite from a DJ Wallah pajama party and everyone who was club hopping in '09 knows exactly what that was like. I must admit when I saw the album art I thought it was a real flyer for a party and I'm sure a few of you were hitting up College Ave Student Center thinking the same thing. College names a few landmarks we're all used to with Six Flags and those late night Crown Chicken stops. Although I would have loved to hear this as a summer jam, this one's definitely for New Jersey. Spread this to your favorite DJ's and listen to 4 New Jersey below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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