Oct 8, 2015

Listen: LuvGroove - @BeautyIs_KEE (prod. by M. Fasol)

Paterson, NJ songstress Keyvauna Leshea newest offering LuvGroove has caught our ears and I'm sure yours too.

This M. Fasol produced track is super soulful and is for the real R&B fans. I often think there are more rappers than every other kind of artist in the general area and everywhere. Hearing a beautiful voice like Keyvuana's is super refreshing. The first time I remember hearing her is on a few tracks on Sir Moore's summerDAZE dropped a year ago. Her sensational voice blesses this feel good song and I could picture dancing with my girlfriend in the living room to this. She even takes time out to pay homage in a R. Kelly Chocolate Factory kind of way. Listen to LuvGroove for yourself below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

Multimedia Journalist, Founder and Chief Editor of WTM Host of A-Side B-Side Podcast and more. I like to talk about stuff and write it down. Sometimes to a microphone. Either way, I need you to feel this.

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