Oct 8, 2015

In My Ears: Editor's Picks Week of 10-4-15

In My Ears: Week of October 4th, 2015

It's been a long time since I've really broke down what's filled the space between my ears. I've always enjoyed writing this segment so here goes.

Album of the Week:

Ego Death - The Internet

I really struggled here because I spent a lot of time listening to Jay Rock's project 90059 in the gym working out or for writing the review I wrote earlier this week. I've really only listened to one other complete project. This week's album of the week is Ego Death by Odd Future's own, The Internet. Jams like Gabby featuring Janelle Monae, For the World with James Fauntleroy and the Kaytranada produced lead single Girl can attest to why this should also be in your speakers too. Stream Ego Death on Spotify below.

Songs on Repeat:

That One - Teedra Moses featuring Anthony Hamilton & Israel - Chance the Rapper featuring Noname Gypsy

Teedra Moses, you might know her name from Be Your Girl. Kaytranada made an incredible house synth remix to that original track but Teedra Moses is more than  just that. That One features an assist from Anthony Hamilton. Their two soulful but unique voices make beautiful music together. Listen to That One below.

Chance & Noname at Trillectro '15
I was a month late getting to this one. I know it happens, it's possible for me to miss out on something dope so bear with me. I figure if I missed out on this someone else did too for lack of promo or any other reason. Anyways, it's always great hearing Chance and Noname on a track together. They trade bars over a simplistic boom bap beat. At times it seems like they are just rambling, they're not. Listen for yourself below.

Throwback Jawn:

Rebirth of a Slick (Cool Like Dat) - Digible Planets

This week's throwback is thanks to Michael Gribbroek. You're wondering who on Earth is that (doesn't matter if it's not in bold), but he is my music professor. He assigned a project talking about jazz influence in other contemporary music. Perhaps this Digible Planets classic isn't exactly contemporary but the live bass, drums, brass section, and saxophone make for an amazing sound. To this day, "They be to Rap what Key be to Lock." Watch the video below.

Indie Track:

The Dungeon - Loaf Muzik

Loaf Muzik at Black Bear Bar BK
I always sing praises of this New York based collective if you're around. Together the hip-hop quartet consisting of Kidaf, Shadow the Great, Oso Dope, and Shine Sinatra lay waste to tracks with impeccable flow, lyrics, and sheer energy. Seeing them live is also a great show experience. They just dropped a project titled Live From the Dungeon earlier this week. It's safe to say an editorial is coming soon. In the meantime listen to track one, The Dungeon below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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