Nov 5, 2015

Watch: Big Tymin' - @JoeCollege010; A Niles P. Joint

When it comes to Hip Hop, Neptune’s own Joe College has mastered the art of guerrilla warfare.  You never know when he’s going to drop usually until the day of, but you know that it’s going to be quality every damn time.  Such is the case with his new video for Big Tymin’.  Directed by local auteur Life’s A Movie, it depicts an average day in the life of Joe College and the friends.  It’s simple yet effective as Joey never needed a bunch of fireworks and flashy shit to get his point across.  He flows over the classic Bad Boys instrumental by Shyne.  It’s astonishing how thoroughly College pummels the beat in the most casual manner possible.  Dude will let you know how dope he is as a rapper but still be relatable in his lyrics, which is the best paradox possible.  Check out the video after the break.  


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