Feb 1, 2016

#ICYMIMonday: Cocaine Parties in L.A. - @FreddieGibbs; A Niles P. Joint

Not even gonna lie, I was lowkey pissed that I didn’t get to cover Kanye’s No More Parties in L.A., although Rams and Zuríta did a great job.  Fortunately, Freddie Gibbs gave me another opportunity of sorts.  He added to an already packed week in music & music news when he released his version, Cocaine Parties in L.A., as a loosie via his website.  Being that previous collaborator Madlib produced the original, I knew it was going to be exceptional.  His flip of the Junie Morrison original made for a funky 1970’s Blaxploitation type of instrumental that sounded like it would be played at an actual cocaine party in L.A.  Aside from his usual hardcore wordplay that we’ve all come to know and love, Gangsta Gibbs showcased his humorous side when he talked about getting the most out of Black History month by having the Black Delegation (think Chappelle’s Show) trading noted assclowns Stacy Dash & Raven Symone for Adele & Margot Robbie.  
To be honest, this version surpasses the original.  Gibbs & Madlib proved that they're a match made in heaven on 2014’s Piñata and the magic just continues.  I feel like it got unfairly overshadowed by other Kanye news items from last week but it’s definitely deserving of this #ICYMIMonday article.  While it was taken off of SoundCloud, you can stream and download Cocaine Parties in L.A. on the ESGN website.  

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