Feb 10, 2016

Watch: TT Story - @ARealCin; A Niles P. Joint

Logic dictates that if you’re a local rapper, your first video will consist of you and your friends hanging out in your neighborhood/hometown. 

Here at WTM, we sift through a ton of videos like that. So when local girl Cin announced that she was making a video for TT Story, I was amped. Coming off of her debut mixtape Just Till I Make It, the track is a cautionary tale of sorts about abusive relationships, along with sexual assault. They're powerful themes that get glossed over by big name artists, so a new artist tackling them is even more impressive.

The song is excellent and being a storytelling track, it doesn’t leave room for a mediocre video. Working with Life’s A Movie, Cin and her A1 clique go all out and cast parts for TT, Blue, and other supporting characters. While Cin plays both parts on the song, the acting in the video is solid and takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion through TT’s abusive relationship. The viewer will feel naively happy one minute and wearily creeped out the next. The whole team breathed life into what was the staff’s favorite song on the tape. I just hope they keep their promise and continue the story (no spoilers!) at a later date. As for any local emcees watching from the sidelines, be aware. Cin has raised the bar for what a local rap video should be. Step your quality up or get lost. Check the video for TT Story after the break.


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