Apr 13, 2016

Watch: Double Life - @LyricJones feat. @SkyHighMcClain; A Niles P. Joint

Here’s a fun fact: with my writing style, I can get easily disappointed by music videos when they don’t correlate with what I pictured when I first listened to the song.  Thankfully, Lyric Jones bucked that trend and just released one of the best videos of the year off of her GEMS from the Cubicle EP.  I mentioned in my review how the overall project was peppered with dialogue clips from Office Space.  The video for Double Life takes it a step further and integrates clips from the movie with scenes featuring Jones and hook singer Daniel “SkyHigh” McClain in business attire, grinding through the daily drone of an office job.  The transitions are seamless and in a few instances make it seem like Lyric Jones is interacting with the characters in the cult classic.  Other times she acts out famous scenes (including a famous one involving malfunctioning office equipment.)  The video helps illustrate what it’s like for rappers living a “double life” and having a regular ass job while simultaneously chasing more creative dreams.  It’s an eye opener and something everyone at WTM can relate to as the entire staff works day jobs.  Essentially, our flight will be taken solely at night, word to Big Shug.  Check out the video for Double Life by Lyric Jones after the break.  

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