Jun 24, 2016

Listen: My People - Joe College (@lowcollege); A Niles P. Joint

With the way viral marketing is set up in this day and age, rappers have taken to releasing songs as often as possible.  Joe College however, is an old soul and does things at his own pace, trends be damned.  He's back on the scene with My People.  On a beat by a rapidly improving QdottDavis, College subtly forges a pro-Black anthem by mixing around the way adoration with social commentary.  Being that it’s Joe College, his flow is still impeccably cool and has yet to be duplicated by anyone in the Garden State.  Despite the hiatus he’s back just in time to hold us down for the summer.  You can never quite tell what College has up his sleeve next, but this writer hopes that My People snowballs into a new full-length project.  Check it out for yourself below.


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