Nov 22, 2017

Preview: #WarxLeisure - @Miguel

R&B has been crazy this year. A bunch of new or semi new artists flooded the scene and dropped debuts. All year long and especially this fall I've struggled trying to find out which one was best. The problem is everyone hasn't dropped yet. Miguel returns and what he's done thusfar I liked. War and Leisure drops in a little more than a week and the hype surrounding it is valid. His last project, Wildheart was....experimental. I wasn't a huge fan. It's highs were high and it's lows were atrocious. That's my opinion.

The next year he followed up with a joint, Come Thru and Chill. I'm still kinda hoping and praying it makes his upcoming LP and his performance on the Late Show in September all but confirmed it. He also dropped three new singles before the album: Sky Walker with Travis Scott, Told You So, and Pineapple Skies which he premiered on GGN with Snoop Dogg which you can see above. The sound sounding like the Miguel we all love. War and Leisure is coming out soon, December 1st.
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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