Mar 7, 2018

Watch: Coffee In the Morning - @TheRealTyJack (shot by @jonzevishun)

I'm humbled to say I got to co-host Tha Grey Matter's The Warm Up Open Mic Night alongside Letty from Who Did You Meet.

Ty Jack at The Warm Up (photo by @KatCandidly)
During the event Ty Jackson blessed the stage with a new song Coffee in the Morning. I know I mentioned this track before in my write up on Motion and in our Nine Acts to Watch This Year. Before he came to the stage I mentioned to watch out if you brought your girl to the show. Tyler is a vocal powerhouse. Live and in studio he dominates the tracks he laces. His growth is insane. If my only complaint on EraNu was how it was mixed, he's graduated from that. When your voice is so strong it's a task to blend the melody, harmony, and background vocals with the rest of the music. Good problems to have. In the studio version of Coffee in the Morning he's fixed that and then some. The song is certified for Get the Drawers playlists everywhere. This is what R&B should sound like. Coffee in the Morning is now out on iTunes & Apple Music so listen to below. Also check out his live performance shot by JonzeVishun after the break.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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