Jul 24, 2019

A-Side B-Side Podcast Episode 021: @AsToldByGabb Interview (of @JDoeMag)

Episode 21 of A-Side B-Side Podcast features an exclusive interview with Gabrielle Overbey.

She serves as the founder and chief editor of J. Doe Magazine. In this interview they talk about her 3rd quarter issue and some of her favorite interviews this year. RamseySaidWHAT asks her how she feels about the state of media and why it's important we document our own culture. They also go on tangents about college, the state of New Jersey, and the finance book she's writing.

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The Music in this episode is Who Da Man? by Joe College and produced by Qdottdavis who was featured in J. Doe's latest issue.

A-Side B-Side Podcast
A-Side B-Side Podcast

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