Jul 24, 2019

Watch: Stay - @SoULFULLnjn (shot by @filmsbyjtg)

In my review of I Appreciate You, I mentioned SoULFULL outros are usually powerful. I just didn't imagine it like this.

Why stay if its never promised?
Why stay if  it hurts tomorrow?
Why stay if bound to ruin you?
Why stay if it's hate coming from who & who?
Why stay if its made to change you?
Why stay if its making you go insane too?
Why stay if the lovin' ain't even the same too?
Why stay, Why stay?

It's something in his voice that really makes you believe him. Some people have to get in character but his rendition of Nas's Stay from Life is Good hits you harder than a kick in your headphones. Films by JTG captures a story of a young man battling depression and has a chilling ending. This is the second visual treatment from this album and wow. What more can I say, heck out the video to Stay below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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