Dec 30, 2019

Album Review: For Motivational Use Only - @Malc___

P2 hasn't been out no longer than eight months and we have new listening material. For Motivational Use Only is his latest offering. Not going to waste your time so let's get right to it. It's only a seven track, 23 minute listen. Things begin with Daily Repetitions. As I said before it's a dope way to kick off a tape. I also enjoy he calls in Kärma and SoULFULL for the assist. Nothing but net here. If you were looking for a 16 from SoULFULL you'll have to go back and listen to No Hesitation because he really just comes through on the pre-chorus as a singer.

"F*ck being good cuz that ain't good enough."

Make it Out shares the same sample as Wale's The Success, Psalm 121. Thus Far in his discography Malc really shows his eclectic taste as a music listener and what he raps over. I'm always impressed with his production. Malc raps like a man 30 years older than he is. It's clear he's seen some things in his life as a twenty-something. The themes of his music get pretty dark in the midst of his inspirational quotes.

"death don't usually phase me since my pops died
can't tell you last time i cried
but hearing bout my nigga death
that shit brought tears to my eyes"

I think that bar hits different when you've lost someone. Mirrors with Kärma is pretty dope. The flip of So Into You gives it the nostalgia 90's feel we all enjoy. The song takes us the rollercoaster that is a relationship. He's not too proud to explain where he messed up and apologize. Karma leaves the syrup harmonies at the end. I'm digging this here. Alone isn't as melancholy as I expected it to be musically. The hook takes on an interpolation of the classic Geto Boys, Mind Playin Tricks On Me. Instead of staring at candles contemplating murder, he's listening to samples looping.

Hold On/Gina's Interlude comes next. I'm usually a fan of when producers sample the subtle parts of classic songs. Here it's not so subtle and they put the melody in the front with a similar tempo and percussion to Angie Stone's Holding Back the Years. If you don't recognize it Love & Basketball is on Netflix now. The B-Side of the track is a voicemail from Mom Dukes. It's a nice touch. It really keeps the continuity of the track sequence and feel of the project. The next track is a sequel to Odds from his last project. In fact the track starts with the hook coming through a low pass filter before part II fades in. I must have listened to this 30 times on my way home from work one day. It's a reminder to keep working after that 9-5 grind. If you don't consider that a cosign listen to his manager Russ in the beginning of the last track, the title track. It really reels this whole thing in and doesn't leave you in a bad mood. Let me explain. For Motivational Use Only feels like a weather week in New Jersey. I swear this is the only place you could get 4 seasons in 7 days. For Motivational Use Only gives us rain, snow, hurricanes, and a 82 degree day on Christmas. I need you to feel this. Press play below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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